Maverick Blue a.k.a. Darryl Taylor,  is an Award Winning Composer Producer Singer/Songwriter.

He has worked on an Emmy award winning production team for Alliance Atlantis Discovery channel and also of Television Broadcast Awards for best PSA public service commercial. Composer of over 200 songs. Composer of news themes for Global news and Jerry Lewis Hearts of Variety Telethon
Producer / Composer for 5 time Indie Music Artist and wife, Catherine Sarah Manna.
He has  had the privilege of working alongside and being mentored by Paul De Villiers a Multi Platinum and Gold record producer and engineer. He is the new Yoda!
Music has always been apart of Maverick’s life. From the earliest days of playing on ( and I mean playing- I was 1 years old ) Grandpa Taylor’s Hammond Electric organ till today with super incredible computer music technology, Maverick has felt the music in his heart. Music is an expression of the Spirit, and he truly believes music is one of the most powerful gifts that have been given to mankind. Raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, he had an incredible insight into the world that we live in through the eyes of the scripture and prophecy. Our Grand Creator truly has a made a promise to us all, Love is the answer!

As a teenager, Maverick began to hear the music that would make a great impact on his life and the way he learned to Create his own music. 1977-87 Was an incredible period of music and movies. The influence is obvious in much of his works. He started with 2 cassette machines to create his first multi-track recorder. After hearing the results he was hooked! As technology advanced he would try to keep up with it by purchasing what he could afford , and learning from ground  zero the inter workings of the machine or synthesizers. Computers were the biggest shift in music production that has ever happened. Maverick’s first experience using a computer to create music was on the old Apple II and a midi keyboard. He later would discover and work with Atari, Emulator and Steinberg’s music production program Cubase. He currently produces all his music with Cubase 5.  In the late 1990’s he met a music store owner Randy “Bones” Jones and formed a instrumental ambient duo called the “Invisible Sun”. The duo did a limited amount of sold out music shows and released the compact disc “Expressions of the Spirit”  in 1994.

to be continued…